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Generic Cialis is commonly cheaper than brand one. This fact does not mean that its effectiveness is lower. It has the same level of power and the same formulation. There is no reason not to trust the generic version of Cialis.

Generic Cialis and Brand Cialis® price comparison

Causes of ED


The problem with erectile dysfunction is that you may already have it but you may not be aware of this. There are many symptoms which resemble erectile dysfunction but do not say exactly that you have this ailment.
For instance the erection is not as hard as before, the erection which does not last long enough to complete the sexual intercourse or complete inability to achieve erection. With such symptoms Cialis may be the drug that helps.
Millions of men around the globe have tried it and experienced a great sex forgetting about erectile dysfunctions. If 10 years ago such diagnose meant the end of sexual life today Cialis is able to change things for the better. This drug had gained its reputation since 2003 when it was officially approved by FDA.
It is considered to be the most effective temporary cure for or erectile dysfunctions. Its aim is to provide temporary help but not to cope with impotency. Many people appreciated the effect of Cialis and were amazed by its work.
Getting older is not the only reason to start experiencing erectile dysfunctions. The causes for ED vary greatly. Sometimes lifestyle changes can treat or even eliminate some causes and consequently lower the chances of making it more serious.
Usual and the most common reasons for having ED are smoking, extra weight, sedentary lifestyle or depressions and other emotional problems. Mostly the things that provoke ED are habits that were self-imposed. But if you take up exercising or add more healthy habits into your lifestyle you can avoid having ED in future.

Generic Cialis

Medical experiments and research has shown that it affects the organism the same way as more expensive branded drugs. You can expect the rise of sexual desire and sex drive like never before. You will experience strong sexual excitement and erotic attraction.
What is even more important is that the effect of the drug will be active for 36 hours after taking it. Even if your age is close to the elderly limit be ready to feel like you are 30 again because it will bring back the sexual libido that you had many years ago.
Generic Cialis bring you the same effect as the branded drugs but the difference in price is very tangible.

Branded and Generic Cialis

Cialis Info

For consumers to know more Cialis is a medication prescribed to overcome symptoms of erectile dysfunction or also known as male impotence. Taking Cialis gives you the advantage of being able to expect having sex at the right time.
In starts influencing your body only within 30 minutes after taking and keeps being active for 36 hours. Cialis has proved to be effective and more importantly safe because it has been used by millions of men around the world.
Since ED has become something not so shameful and ailment not to be hidden any longer ordering drug online or buying it in the drug store has become very common. After taking Cialis it will not give you erection by itself. To achieve reaction you need to have sexual stimulation which will increase the blood flow.
There is no daily dosage that you have to follow to achieve the best results because Cialis is taken when it is needed only. Generally it is recommended to take it in at least 20 minutes before beginning sexual intercourse.
Due to its durable effect Cialis will make your erection stronger. It is very important to know what has caused you ED problems. If they were cause by physiological conditions like diseases (diabetes or heart-related ones), high blood pressure or prostate problems Cialis is the drug that will work for you.
But if you experience low libido or problems with hormone balance you may not get the expected effectiveness form Cialis. The statistics show that in most cases ED has been caused by health problems and Cialis has proved to be a very successful drug to cope with the consequences.

Shopping for Cialis

Pharmacies usually offer a great quantity of brand and generic drugs. Many people get confused very quickly and easily not knowing which drug to trust because the prices of the drugs differ greatly.
It is necessary to understand that the chemical compositions of both generic and branded versions are completely the same, meaning that they contain identical active ingredients.
The generic drugs and branded drugs are usually manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies and generic versions are produced in developing countries where the labor costs and raw material costs are low. The main discrepancies are names, packages, and place of production.
The price difference can be explained by the absence of necessity for generic producers to invest huge amounts of money into tests and research.